Protecting Consumer Rights

Consumers that have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing often feel that they have little power to hold those companies responsible for their dishonest behavior.  However, California law provides strong protection to consumers.  If you have been the victim of corporate wrongdoing, Taylor-Copeland Law will diligently pursue your claim, seek to hold the company responsible for its actions, and most importantly, make you whole. 


Unfair business practices 

Unfortunately, there are countless ways in which retailers, manufacturers and businesses attempt to take advantage of consumers.  The most common unfair and fraudulent business practices include: 

  • A business misrepresents the price of items, the quality or condition of those items, or the availability of items
  • A product does not work as advertised
  • False or misleading advertising 
  • Overcharging for goods or services
  • Charging fees that you did not agree to
  • Collecting and/or sell your information without your consent
  • Calling or contacting you without your consent 

If you have been a victim of any of these practices or believe that you have been harmed by other unfair or fraudulent business practices contact Taylor-Copeland Law for a free initial consultation.   We will give you our full attention and let you know what your rights and options are.